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4 Eyewear Trends You Will Undoubtedly See in London This Summer

Wherever you go this summer, you will definitely need a nice, fashionable pair of sunglasses that protect your eyes from UV radiation. This way you can maintain good eye health and feel more comfortable in your skin. Many of us London escorts included, are very sensitive to brightness and glare, not to mention the fact that ultraviolet light can greatly damage your eyes, it may even cause sunburns around the eyes and slow down macular degeneration and cataracts.
So to conclude, it is worth saving and spending a little bit more on good quality sunglasses. You are not buying them for just one single summer, hopefully they will serve you for a really long time, a decade if you are lucky enough. I am advising you to invest in a quality pair, as they won’t get worn away that easily, will protect your eyes, which is extremely important, just imagine yourself blind (because ultraviolet light can cause blindness, too!) and will also operate as a perfect accessory. Down below I listed 4 of the eyewear trends for summer 2016:
Always and forever. Aviator glasses have been a thing 20 years ago, so will be this summer. Investing in one will definitely pay off, as they will never go out of style, aviator glasses will be fashionable even in 2020, too.
Mirrored and colored lenses are the typical festival fashion! Summer is here, festivals are here, don’t be afraid to wear your colorful sunglasses. This summer, everything will be about rainbow colors and eye-catching outfits. Opt for an orange or blue colored pair, these will be 2016’s color trends as we could already see at the last London Fashion Week.
I am pretty sure you have already seen them on someone. I saw quite a few in London last week. I don’t really know why people haven’t been wearing these types of shades earlier, maybe because this is how trends go, it became one not so long ago. These glasses have transparent frames, which allows you to see the glass itself and the structure, the sometimes different shape of the glass.
Let’s not forget about our men either! This is a typical menswear color, a classic pair, so if your man doesn’t already own one, it is time to do some shopping and get him one for the summer. Or if he celebrates his birthday soon, I just gave you the perfect idea what to surprise him with. I am definitely sure he will love it! If you are a fan of vintage shopping, you can find some awesome pieces out there in the world of vintage and you don’t even have to spend a fortune on them.